About Us

PayMyBraider.com is on a mission to make paying for your horse's braids super simple and hassle free, and we've combined state of the art encrypted payment processing with a simple and beautiful interface.

The antiquated and cumbersome way we pay our braiders is about to change forever and you will be one of the first to merge into the fast lane.

No more checks – no more cash. Just sign up and the rest "just happens".

With PayMyBraider.com, you’ll be able to:

Transfer funds automatically and securely from your mobile phone using a credit or debit card or directly from your checking account, all with complete safety;

Pay from anywhere, whether it be from the show, your hotel, or on a beach in the Virgin Islands;

Receive emailed receipts and record transactions each time your horse is braided;

Relax with peace of mind that your braider loves you.

Ready to get started?